The Whitehead Family Tree

Census data from the 1851 British Census which
relates to the Whitehead Family Tree


Deepfields Square, Coseley, Staffordshire
NameRelationshipMarital StatusAgeOccupationWhere born
James Whitehead Head Marr 37 Furnace Labourer Staffordshire, Pelsall
Lydia Whitehead Wife Marr 35   Staffordshire, Pelsall
Sarah Ann Whitehead Dau Single 14 At Home Staffordshire, Walsall
Samuel Whitehead Son Single 11 Furnace Labourer Staffordshire, Sedgley
Ann Whitehead Dau   9 At Home Staffordshire, Sedgley
Enoch Whitehead Son   7 Scholar Staffordshire, Sedgley
John Whitehead Son   4 At Home Staffordshire, Sedgley
Lydia R Whitehead Dau   1   Staffordshire, Sedgley


Bucknall, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
NameRelationshipMarital StatusAgeOccupationWhere born
Thomas Deville Head Marr 38 Collier Staffordshire, Bucknall
Ann Deville Wife Marr 43   Staffordshire, Bucknall
William Deville Son   13 Potter Staffordshire, Bucknall
Sarah Ann Deville Dau   12   Staffordshire, Bucknall
John Deville Son   10   Staffordshire, Bucknall
Walter Deville Son   4   Staffordshire, Bucknall
Elizabeth Deville Dau   4   Staffordshire, Bucknall

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